HS-C02 [BCD-1000]

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HS-C02 is powerful Vacuum Fluorescent Customer Display which provides a wide viewing angle, long life, high reliability and high display quality. It is designed to improve image and service with an enhanced customer display, featuring modules PC-based POS applications.

Vacuum fluorescent display offers a wide range of viewing angles
Customization pole length
Automatic message scrolling
Easily programmable for customer messages

Content Specification
Display Method VFD(Vacuum Fluorescent Display) / Blue green (505mm)
Characters 40(20 Characters X 2 Lines)
Brightness (Cd/ M2) 800 ~ 1,000 cd/m2
Character Set Alphanumeric : 95
International Character : 32
Graphic Character 128×16 pages
Character Size / PITCH  5.5×10.5mm/7.4mm
Viewing Angle: 52°(5 Positions) 
Horizontal Rotations Max.336° 
Case Color Dark Gray
Dimensions (W x L x H) 231(W) X 105(D) X 179~533(H) mm 
Interface RS232C (+ 5vdc all in one Cable) 
Reliability 20,000 hours 
Power Supply 5.0 ~ 24 vdc/Max.10W